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Full Version: PDF comics not clear on Comics++ ****pdf scaling added as of
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Very nice app ! Thanks to share this kind of work !
My OS is Windows 10.
When I try to read some comics on PDF file, the image is not clear.
Find below the screenshots on Comics++ and Acrobat Reader.
Thanks for your help !
Thanks for your answer !

That's right, this is the comic ! Congratulations, you got it !
But my file is different, you can find it HERE !

Do you have a solution ?
The file you uploaded actually reports a low resolution render size, even though the embedded images are much higher in resolution. For example if you open it from a pdf viewer and view actual size (100% scale) it actually shows a tiny image. But if you try the the file from my link it works alright.

For pdfs, we only rendered it once according to the render resolution the file suggests. We dont yet have the capability to dynamically upscale embedded context.

Good news is I have an idea on how to deal with this and I think I can add this feature in an upcoming release. I'll have to do some experiments and follow up in the future.

Thanks for reporting the issue I appreciate it!
Exactly !
I checked on another file and I had the same problem only on Comics++.
See the image below.
Nice for your answer very fast and I hope this functionality will be integrated on the next version.
nota : the "Thread Subscription" do not work and it never sent me one notification for new replies on my email.
Thanks for your help !
it probably went to your spam, we dont have an official mail server so it gets treated as spam by most email hosts Sad
That's right !
So, I added your email "" on my authorised list.
Would not be interresting to add this information in registration page of the forum ?
This should be fixed in the latest build. It'll be on the store soon! Let me know if it is working well for you!
(11-19-2015, 01:32 AM)Ninja_Gah Wrote: [ -> ]This should be fixed in the latest build. It'll be on the store soon! Let me know if it is working well for you!

It is perfect !!!
Thanks to fix this problem Ninja_Gah !