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Full Version: ETA: Week of April 6th 2015 (Released)
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This release will address some common crash issues along with big performance boost and lower memory consumption:

- fixes out of memory crash when rapidly flipping through pages, and opening books of different file types
- performance is also vastly improved when rapidly flipping through pages due to a new async page loader
- fixes crashes when certain JPG files being resized for thumbnail (can crash in file browser or the book scrollbar being shown)
- memory usage should be now much lower for large files
- reduced preload buffer to 5 (10 + 10 + 1 = 21 pages preload is too much!)

Edit April 13th:
It is coming this week! We are the last stages of testing making sure everything is smooth. Everything in the above is fixed with some additional changes:
- images that are huge in size or resolution are automatically downscale to prevent crashing; limit is around 2.5million pixels per image
- preload buffer has been reduce to 3

more detailed changelist will come on release
Released April 15th 2015