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Full Version: Comics++ Release Notes
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This release focuses on improvements to the file browser. ETA on store late this week or early next week.

Comics++ Release Notes
- File browser has been moved to a different flyout along with some general aesthetics improvements
- Right click/tap menu has been added to the file/books to view detailed info and perform actions
- You can now delete files from the file browser from the right click menu
- Multi-selection mode has been added to allow management of multiple files - for now the only feature is delete, more to come in the future
- Fixed crashing when clicking "Pick Base Folder" too many times too quickly
- Fixed unavailable languages from being enabled in the language selection screen
- Removed file browser being able to be pinch zoomed Hot Fix
- Fixed app crash when deleting file from a fresh launch with no books opened

Coming in August: Windows 10 support!